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What material is the sling cloth

The webbing sling hoisting belt eyelet cloth is indispensable for the finished product, but in all the introductions, the detailed requirements of the eyelet cloth have not been introduced in detail. There are currently two types of eye-wraps on the market, one is beautiful and the other is practical. Although the two can be combined into one, the cost is a bit high. The eye-catching fabric for the beautiful sling is mainly made of polyester colored fabric, with a thickness of about one millimeter, and the color is generally black or gray.


Blue Polyester Duplex Flat Webbing Sling with Reinforced Lifting Eyes 8 Tonne


This ring-eye wrapping cloth is not produced by the sling manufacturer itself, because the sling loom can only weave ribbons, not cloth, because the width of the cloth is generally about  meters, and its thickness is extremely thin. This kind of wrapping cloth is only used for decoration, and has no additional effect during the use of the lifting belt. Therefore, the eye part of the lifting belt made of this kind of cloth is very flat, smooth and looks very beautiful. Practical loop eye wrap is a kind of polyester webbing produced by the sling manufacturer itself. Its width is 150mm. When wrapping the loop eye, it is stitched and stitched according to the width of the loop eye.


The thickness of this polyester webbing is about 1 cm. Can play a non-slip and anti-wear effect. The color is generally white. The main reason is that the polyester yarn is white. In order to save costs, the sling manufacturer did not perform color printing after weaving. The big difference between the two ring-eye wrappers is the use time and the aesthetics of the product. The former is aesthetically pleasing and the eyelet wrapper has a short use time, and slight friction will damage it. When the wrapper is damaged, the eyelet will be worn directly, which is very dangerous.


In the lifting and hoisting process, the beginning of the eye wear means the countdown to the hoisting operation. Therefore, the difference between the aesthetic eye and the aesthetic eye cloth is the polyester webbing cloth, that is, the practical eye Wrapping cloth, the material of this cloth is the same as the polyester sling, and the weaving process is also the same. However, the disadvantage is that it needs to be spliced ​​when wrapping the eye, and there will be traces of stitching after the overall stitching. Although it does not hinder the use, the appearance is slightly rougher than the former. However, this kind of use time is longer than the former, which can protect the eye and extend the service life of the sling.