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What are the requirements for sewing machines to make flat lifting belts

Flat round sling slings play an important role in the production process, because the rated load of synthetic fiber slings depends entirely on the sewing machine. Among them, the sewing machine has a greater influence on the breaking force of the sling, which is the speed of the sewing machine when sewing the flat webbing, the density of the stitches and the bite of the upper and lower threads when the webbing is stitched.


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Therefore, the machine must be carefully debugged before making polyester slings to avoid unqualified slings. When the synthetic fiber sling is stitched, the thread speed and stitch size of the machine can be adjusted at any time, because when using synthetic fiber webbing to sew different products, the stitch spacing and thread speed that need to be matched are different, the only way is this In order to ensure the use of various stitched products.


The real headache when sewing the white sling is the occlusion of the suture. The reason for the inconsistent occlusion is the problem of the machine itself. Although we all know that it is caused by the different strength of the upper and lower wiring, the whole debugging process is very cumbersome.


When stitching a lifting belt, the debugging of the sewing machine determines the quality of the product, and also determines whether the lifting belt meets the production requirements of the implementation standard. Therefore, the stricter the manufacturer's requirements for sewing machines, the higher the quality of the products. Starting from understanding, Hebei Jili Rigging Co., Ltd. is willing to be your database.