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Precautions for trial hoisting of synthetic fiber hoisting belt

When hoisting large objects, in order to ensure the operation of hoisting, it is necessary to carry out the link of hoisting belt trial hoisting. While testing the lifting of the object, in addition to checking the connection of the lifting belt, it is also necessary to inspect the crane. The specific contents of the trial hoisting inspection are as follows: In addition to the normal verification of the weight of the object to be hoisted, it is also necessary to check whether the synthetic fiber hoisting belt used conforms to the hoisting.


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Among them, it is necessary to check whether the product label of the synthetic fiber sling is consistent with the weight of the suspended object. After checking the label information, you also need to check the hoisting method of the hoisting belt. The focus is on whether the rated load after increasing the hoisting coefficient is consistent with the weight of the hoisted object and whether it conforms to the hoisting. The weight relationship between the suspended object, the lifting belt and the crane should be from small to large.


Don't reverse the selection and cause a lifting accident. When trying to hoist, check the eye part after hoisting. Ensure that the eye part of the hoisting belt is connected to the upper hook and the lower hook. After the hoisting starts, the upper and lower hooks will not be unhooked. Mainly check the connection of the sling to avoid unhooking caused by improper suspension. Connect the crane hook at the upper end to check whether the hoisting belt eye is hanging on the central part of the hook, and it is prohibited to hang on the hook tip.


Avoid causing decoupling. If you don’t understand the lifting angle, use two lifting straps to lift objects with balance beams to avoid lifting accidents caused by excessive angles. Pay attention to the height of the trial hoisting during the trial hoisting. The height of the object to be hoisted from the ground should be 200-300 mm. This height can not only check the specific connection status of the object after hoisting, but also ensure that the person and the object are protected in case of a hoisting accident. Hoisting starts from the understanding, Hebei Jili Rigging Co., Ltd. is willing to be your database.