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Yellow  Single Ply Cover Polyester Round Sling  3Ton

Yellow Single Ply Cover Polyester Round Sling 3Ton

Hangzhou Chaolicheng Rigging Co., Ltd.

Business Type:Manufacturer, Exporter
Terms of payment and delivery:100% Polyester
Minimum order quantity:100PCS
Packing details:SHRINK
Delivery time:30-45DAYS
Payment method:T/T,L/C
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Roundslings are fabricated with high-quality, high-strength 100% polyester fibers. These fibers are encased in a seamless double-walled polyester jacket providing maximum protection to the inner load bearing fibers. These slings offer an exceptionally soft and easy-to-work-with rigging tool that grips the load without marring load surface. They are pliable and offer some protection to fragile and odd-shaped loads. Sliding sleeves and synthetic armor pads are also available to protect the roundsling against abrasion damage which can be caused by contact with load edges.

Color Code Model No. Approx. Body Diameter (MM) Vertical Choker Basket
1.0  0.8  2.0 
Purple CLC-FWS001 30 1.000  0.800  2.000 
Green CLC-FWS002 60 2.000  1.600  4.000 
Yellow CLC-FWS003 90 3.000  2.400  6.000 
Grey CLC-FWS004 120 4.000  3.200  8.000 
Red CLC-FWS005 150 5.000  4.000  10.000 
Brown CLC-FWS006 180 6.000  4.800  12.000 
Blue CLC-FWS008 240 8.000  6.400  16.000 
Orange CLC-FWS010 300 10.000  8.000  20.000 
Orange CLC-FWS020 300 20.000  16.000  40.000 

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