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Why you need to fasten your belt when shipping goods

Why you need to fasten your belt when shipping goods

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Whether you're a commercial truck driver or a non-commercial driver, there are plenty of reasons to make sure you have the proper tools to protect your load and tie down areas. The tie-down method you choose, the working load limitations of the tie-down straps you use, where you place the tie-down straps, and the type of cargo you haul are all regulated. Failure to comply with these regulations can have lasting effects on commercial drivers.


Also according to Mei, every US state makes it illegal for cargo to fall from the back of a vehicle on the road. Even drivers with non-commercial licenses can be punished or even jailed. This is one of the reasons why your choice of lacing straps is so important! Because it's the law! Laws are great for enforcing good and safe behaviour on the road, but they shouldn't be the only reason we act in a safe way!


Put yourself in the shoes of the people and families affected by these avoidable situations. Think even more of the 500 people who tragically lost their lives in one of those accidents. It's all because someone failed to properly protect their load. It goes beyond the law when you consider the lives of those affected. If you put yourself in their shoes, you'll think twice before shipping your next shipment without proper cargo securing methods. Tie-down straps and other load securing methods can be the difference between life and death, so you should take all necessary precautions!


Ratchets come in a Ratchet Straps variety of sizes, the most common being 1-4 inches wide. Each of these different sizes has a different breaking strength and working load limit. These are the two numbers the Department of Transportation uses to enforce certain existing laws. The type of ratchet strap or tie-down strap you use should have a working load limit well above the actual load to provide an extra layer of safety against load shifting that could lead to an accident. Using bungee cords and cords is far less of an option than tie-downs.

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