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Wire rope connection hoisting belt hoisting

Many kinds of Rigging straps occur during lifting with lifting straps, among which 40% of lifting accidents continue to be used after the wrong specification and model are selected. As for the hoisting accident of the flat hoisting belt connected by the steel wire rope, the hoisting belt manufacturer feels very sad, because in each hoist, whether it is the product label or the hoisting belt certificate, its use requirements and attention are clearly stipulated.


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According to the site operators of the hoisting accident, the reason for the lifting of the synthetic fiber hoisting belt connected with the steel wire rope is entirely because when the length of the selected white hoisting belt is found to be insufficient before hoisting, only the steel wire rope can be used for hoisting. The reason is that the steel wire rope is not used for hoisting because the surface of the suspended object is afraid of being worn.


Therefore, the phenomenon that the hoist is connected to the wire rope and then connected to the lifting belt occurs. The reason for the hoisting accident when the steel wire rope is connected to the white hoisting belt is because of the incorrect connection method. Under normal circumstances, there is no conflict between the two connecting the two through the connecting ring, but this hoisting is the flat hoisting belt eye that directly connects the steel wire rope, so the lifting accident of the steel wire separating the eyelet will occur.


The small diameter and sturdy appearance of the wire rope are like a sharp knife for synthetic fiber products, and when the two are connected to bear the load. The eye of the white sling is broken because the contact surface does not meet the requirements for use. In the hoisting industry, any decision requires a detailed understanding before implementation. Because many things are not as simple as imagined, the mystery can only be known after a thorough understanding.