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What recovery and leash are made of

First, let's take a look at what they're made of, so you can decide which binding is right for your job. The most common materials used to manufacture vehicle tie downs are polyester webbing and nylon webbing. The difference is what you should use in your recovery and traction applications.


If you are in the towing industry or tow a lot, we recommend shoulder straps with polyester webbing. Our Ratchet Straps with RTJ Cluster Hooks are useful because the cluster hooks combine three hooks into a single sprocket, providing a variety of options to securely tether any vehicle.


Towing ratchet straps are great for towing because they have minimal stretch to ensure a firm grip on your cargo. For recovery operations or quick vehicle recovery, we recommend nylon straps. Our 1-ply and 2-ply recovery straps are made of high-quality nylon with flexible webbing to accommodate and support the load.


It also tie down hooks has loops at each end, making it more cut-resistant than nylon fabric. This will work in conjunction with the tow anchor shackle to provide a secure attachment point and easy access to the quick release pins.