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What is the correct way to use a sling

1. Selection of specifications and types of round sling When selecting specifications of slings, the size, weight, shape of the load to be lifted, and the use method coefficients that are commonly affected by the hoisting method to be used must be taken into account in the calculation. The requirements of the maximum working force, the working environment and the type of load must be considered. It is necessary to choose a sling of the appropriate length that has sufficient capacity and can meet the usage mode.


2.If multiple slings are used to lift the load at the same time, the same type of sling must be selected; the raw materials of the flat sling cannot be affected by the environment or the environment. load effect. Whether or not attachments or soft lugs are required, careful consideration must be given to matching the end of the sling with auxiliary attachments and lifting equipment.


3. Follow good hoisting practice Plan your hoisting and light handling plan before you start hoisting.


4. When hoisting, use the sling connection method correctly. The sling must be properly placed and connected to the load in a safe way. The sling must be placed on the load so that the load can balance the width of the sling; it must not be knotted. Or twisted sling seams should not be placed on hooks or lifting equipment, and should always be placed on the upright portion of the sling to prevent label damage by staying away from the load, hook and locking angle.