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How to clean the white sling with washing powder

If the webbing sling lifting belt is accidentally saturated with water when the white lifting belt is used to lift the object, check the damp place for any abrasion such as fine sand. If it is found, it should be rinsed with clean water in time and placed in suspension. Note that it cannot be placed in the sun, because the polypropylene material is not anti-aging, such as placed in the sun will lose the service life of the sling.


If you find that the white sling is very dirty and dirty, you are worried about contaminating the suspended object during use. If this is the case, the manufacturer does not recommend cleaning. If you are afraid of contaminating the suspended object, you must add washing powder for cleaning the objects when cleaning. Although washing powder is an alkaline synthetic detergent, cleaning the white sling will accelerate the loss of fiber filaments.


Improper cleaning will directly cause the sling to break instantly when it is hoisted. This effect is invisible to the naked eye. It is a normal phenomenon for flat lifting straps to have different lines on the body, but careful observation will find that the location of the different lines is generally concentrated in the middle part, and its number will increase as the tonnage of the lifting belt increases, and different lifting.


The flat double-eye sling produced by the belt manufacturer has different positions and spacing of the distinguishing lines. So the danger. Regardless of which method is used to clean the white sling, it is only recommended to rinse with clean water, and not to use cleaning tools and cleaning materials. To avoid damaging the synthetic fiber industrial yarn, remember to wash it.