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Effect of color fastness on webbing quality

Color webbing sling fastness is the most important goal of the quality of the webbing, and the most important thing is the conflict resistance of color fastness, perspiration resistance, washing resistance, light resistance and washing resistance. The various exquisite webbings usually seen in the production process need to pass through multiple elastic band processes. During this process, due to errors in materials, production processes, operations and other reasons, the webbings are usually different batches. Even the same batch of fabrics will be different in color. The size of the color difference of the fabric, if the color light source is different, the color environment, the color moment is different, and the evaluation of the color difference is also different.


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Therefore, in order to accurately evaluate the color difference and ensure the consistency of the color matching results, when visually identifying the color, the light source color matching specified by the customer must be selected in the standard color matching light box to prevent the vision caused by the irregular light source or the different light source. On the difference. Color fastness is the most important goal of the quality of the webbing and the bad webbing. The first priority is the conflict resistance, perspiration resistance, washing resistance, light resistance and washing resistance of the color fastness. First of all, according to the usefulness of commodities, it is necessary to decide and check those items, and tailor them according to the needs.


The problem of producing decolorized webbing in a webbing factory can be large or small. If the webbing used for clothing accessories is discolored during washing, it will contaminate the entire piece of clothing, or the clothes washed at the same time. The discolored webbing can cause serious disgust. The so-called color fastness refers to the degree to which the dyed textiles adhere to the color fast under physical and chemical effects, that is, the color fastness of the dyed textiles is affected by the outside world as the color fastness. According to the color change of the sample after the experiment, the evaluation level of the staining degree of the white cloth indicates the quality of the color fastness.


Among the various items of color fastness, the most commonly used color fastnesses are color fastness to conflict, color fastness to perspiration, color fastness to washing, color fastness to light, color fastness to water immersion, and color fastness to washing. Degree, weather fastness and other items. In actual life, the most important thing is to decide which items to check based on the ultimate use of the goods. Among them, sweat resistance, dry friction resistance, and water fastness are the items required by the fundamental safety technical specifications of textiles. All dyed textiles should be checked. In addition, regarding the textile products for infants and young children, it is necessary to check the color fastness to saliva.