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Why buy a ratchet strap

Increase the load safely. Trash shoulder straps are more than anything else, allowing you to secure heavier loads instead of the typical Bungees and ropes. Heavy-duty ratchet straps are the first choice for professional truck drivers and porters, who need to transport large, awkward loads without worrying about the safety of everything.
Transport awkward items. Bicycles, kayaks, golf carts, agricultural equipment and other things you may haul can make it difficult to effectively restrain. Ratchet straps with end hooks have the advantage of being directly connected to the part of the object or wrapping around different surfaces for greater flexibility. Multiple straps can also be used together for longer lengths.
main feature
The main part of the ratchet belt is the webbing, which constitutes the length of the belt itself. Most webbings are made of nylon or polyester. Polyester is preferable due to its abrasion and weather resistance. The webbing width is between 1 to 4 inches and is used for larger loads.
The end of the ratchet strap increases the safety and versatility of the device. Most of the ends are hooked, coated or bare, and then when you wrap it yourself, you can connect to different points or the strap itself. The size of the end, the material of the hook, and any safety devices like the locking mechanism will affect the overall strength of the strap.
The tensioner is the ratchet mechanism itself. Each click is even, this will pull the strap (adjustable end) until everything is fixed. Most tensioners allow the adjustable end to freely enter the slot, but some designs include a retractable mechanism that rolls the strap for easy storage.