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Wholesale top produce ratchet tie down metal flat J hook

The webbing sling is widely used, and the webbing processing equipment also requires a high degree of automation and exquisite effects. The traditional webbing cutting is based on the principle of cold shearing and hot shearing. The cutting effect has burrs, loose edges, uneven cuts or appearance. Yellowing, scorching condition.


Blue Polyester Duplex Flat Webbing Sling with Reinforced Lifting Eyes 8 Tonne


In order to improve this situation, the use of ultrasonic principle to cut the webbing can realize automatic cutting and ultrasonic sealing without yellowing or scorching, achieving the desired effect. The main equipment for ribbon cutting is: automatic ribbon shearing machine, automatic ribbon punching shearing machine, semi-automatic ribbon shearing machine, all of which use the principle of ultrasonic to complete the cutting of the ribbon.


Two methods are usually used for cutting: one is manual cutting and the other is machine cutting.The handwork generally uses heating wire heating cutting or guillotine cutting method. These two cutting process equipment investment is low, but the labor cost is high.


In addition, heating wire cutting will produce a lot of smoke; and there will be left on the cutting surface of the ribbon. Under burn marks. The guillotine cut without traces of smoke or burnt. However, if the sealing is not effective, the phenomenon of loose mouth that is, fringing will appear.Using automatic cutting machine for cutting: the cutting machine is divided into hot cutting machine, cold cutting machine and ultrasonic cutting machine.