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What is the shape of the distinguishing line of the round flexible lifting belt

The circular round sling distinguishing line is the same as the flat sling distinguishing line, and the weaving method is the same as the white sling distinguishing line. The only difference is that there is only one side of the round belt skin for the cylindrical difference line, and the purpose of this is to distinguish the direction of the synthetic fiber sling when it is arranged to avoid the phenomenon of twisting, and secondly to reduce the cost and control the sling price.


The existence of the distinguishing line of the round belt of the flexible sling is just to make the soft sling more convenient in use, and the belt does not have the ability of pulling force. Therefore, no matter how the weaving style of the webbing changes, it will not affect the breaking force of the lifting sling. At present, there are two different styles of round belt leather, one is solid line weaving and the other is broken line weaving. Although the difference in weaving will not affect the use, it affects the price of the finished flexible loop sling.


The reason is that the synthetic fiber industrial yarn used in the distinction thread during weaving is more expensive than the polyester yarn used in the conventional polyester sling. The solid wire weaving of the distinguishing thread uses more silk than the dashed weaving, so the price of the round sling with different distinguishing thread styles will vary. Because no matter how many tons of hoisting belts are, they start with the finished webbing through effective measurement and cutting, and then stitch them into finished hoisting belts.


Therefore, this kind of joint is inevitable and essential. Its existence will not cause problems with use, nor will it affect the use, nor will it hinder the breaking force of the subsequent product. There is another way of sling joints, which is industrial wire joints. This industrial yarn joint refers to the replacement of industrial yarn when weaving semi-finished webbing. The joint of this kind of sling cannot be used for sewing the sling. The ugly appearance is second, mainly because it has affected the tension of the webbing. Simply put, this kind of joint increases the cost of the webbing for the lifting belt manufacturer, which is mainly reflected in the production scale.