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What is the scrap standard of various slings

Wire rope scrap standard
1 The wire rope shall be scrapped when there are 7-8 broken wires within a pitch;
2 If the diameter of the surface steel wire rope is more than 40% of the original diameter, it shall be scrapped;
3 The wire rope is scrapped when the reduction in diameter reaches 7%;
4 The steel wire rope must be scrapped if it has obvious internal corrosion;
5 The elongation of the local outer steel wire rope shows "cage" distortion and must be scrapped;
6 The whole strand of the steel wire rope must be scrapped;
7 When the diameter of the fiber core of the steel wire rope increases severely, it must be scrapped;
8 The performance of the wire rope must be scrapped when the wire rope is kinked, deformed and deformed, the hemp core is pulled out, and the performance of the wire rope is affected by the high temperature burn of the electric arc.

Shackle scrap standard
1 The shackle has obvious permanent deformation, and the horizontal pin can no longer rotate freely;
2 The cross-loading surface of the main body and the cross pin wears more than 10% of the nominal size;
3 Cracks occur in any part of the shackle;
4 Shackles and horizontal pins are permanently deformed and cracked, and shall not be repaired in any way.
Sling scrap standard
1 In order to prevent misuse of the sling's limit working load mark from unclear wear, the sling itself is distinguished by color, purple is 1000kg, green is 2000kg, yellow is 3000kg, silver gray is 4000kg, red is 5000kg, blue is 8000kg, and more than 10000kg is Orange
2 The webbing (including the protective cover) is severely worn, perforated, cut, or torn;
3 The load-bearing seams are frayed and the sutures are frayed;
4 The sling fiber softens, ages, becomes less elastic, and weakens;
5 The fiber surface is rough and easy to peel off;
6 The sling has a dead knot;
7 There are too many points of looseness and corrosion on the surface of the sling, acid and alkali burn, and thermal melting or scorching;
8 The cordon with the red cordon strap is exposed.