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What is the hoisting method used by the sling

The hoisting method adopted by the sling: If a basket hoist is used, the load safety can be guaranteed, because there is no locking behavior like a lock hoist, and the sling can be flipped through the lifting point. It is recommended to use two slings together. The limb suspension is as vertical as possible, which helps to ensure that the load is equally shared between the branches. When the flat sling is locked, it should be allowed to be placed at a natural angle (120°), so as to avoid heat due to friction. The sling is neither in a strong forcing position nor trying to create a tight grip. The correct safety method Double lock hanging with one sling. The double lock sling ensures safety and prevents the load from slipping off the sling.
To ensure the safety of personnel During the lifting process, pay close attention to ensure the safety of personnel. Personnel in a dangerous state must be warned. If necessary, immediately evacuate from the dangerous zone. The hands or other parts of the body must be kept away from the sling to prevent injury when the sling is loose. In the hoisting process, an exemplary method must be used for hoisting. The sling is lifted loosely until the sling is tightened, and the load is gradually lifted to a predetermined position. It is especially important that the hoisting is in a basket or free. Friction bears the load when tightening.
Control the rotation of the load. If the load tends to tilt, the lifting object must be lowered to ensure that the load is restrained and to prevent accidental rotation of the load. Avoid collision, drag, pull, friction, and vibration of the rigging, and prevent damage to the rigging. When hoisting, care must be taken to ensure that the load is restrained to prevent accidental overturning or collision with other objects. Avoid dragging, pulling or oscillating the load, as that will increase the force on the rigging. If the rigging is under load, or the load is pressed on the rigging, the sling should not be dragged on the ground or rough surface.