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What aspects should be paid attention to when using rigging?

Galvanized steel wire rope can be used as raw material for steel wire rope sling in wet or open environment to enhance the anti-rust performance. In addition to the wear of the outer layer of the steel wire sling, the wire sling is mainly broken due to metal fatigue caused by repeated bending when bypassing the hook and the object to be lifted. Therefore, the ratio of the diameter of the hook or the object to be lifted to the diameter of the suppressed wire rope determines the use of the suppressed wire rope sling. An important factor in longevity. The wire rope sling is mainly used in the transportation that requires high-strength ropes such as lifting and pulling. It is strictly forbidden to stand under the suspended object or pass on the object during use. When using slings, pay attention to:

(1) The lifting weight shall not exceed the limit working load of the spreader;

(2) The angle between the sling branches should generally be between 60° and 90°, and the maximum should not exceed 120°;Rigging straps manufactures

(3) Heavy objects should be hung at the bottom of the hook groove, and must not be hung at the tip of the hook, and the hook mouth should be outward.

(4) When lifting heavy objects, raise, lower and stop slowly and smoothly, and pay attention to the balance of the center of gravity.

(5) When hanging objects, the edges and corners must be lined.

(6) After unloading, the lower end of the unloaded sling should be reversely hung on the crane hook.