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Market status of slings

Sling is an auxiliary application material round sling for production and construction. The development of the sling market is closely related to economic development. Before November 2008, due to the rapid economic development, China's economy has advanced by leaps and bounds. Therefore, China's slings have developed very rapidly, and both export and domestic sales have reached the historical peak. However, the world financial crisis in September 2008 has begun to affect the real economy since November 2008, and its export is reflected in foreign demand, especially chemical fiber slings and transport fasteners, which have declined sharply. In addition, due to the sharp appreciation of the RMB against foreign currencies such as the Euro, the competitiveness of China ’s rigging exports has been greatly reduced. Some previously booked foreign orders have begun to suffer substantial losses due to the significant appreciation of the RMB against some foreign currencies. The export of major sling companies in China accounted for a large proportion.


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Due to the obstruction of exports, some companies closed individual workshops and reduced the production capacity of chemical fiber slings and straps. Of companies began to lay off employees. The Zhejiang region is mainly an export-oriented enterprise, which has been hit the hardest. The business goal of Chinese export-oriented slinging enterprises in 2009 is only capital preservation. In the Chinese market, due to the severe shrinkage of the major industries that use slings, companies are calculating costs, their demand has dropped a lot, and their ability to pay has also continued to decline. Although the country has proposed revitalization plans for these industries, the international climate is difficult to pick up. Therefore, the demand for these industries has not increased rapidly. It should be noted that as China continues to invest in new projects to boost domestic demand, such as nuclear power construction, wind power construction, railway and bridge construction, the demand for slings has increased to some extent in these construction projects. In short, the export of Chinese slings in 2009 will be reduced by more than 50% year-on-year, and domestic sales will also be reduced by more than.


 Facing the severe economic situation, the competition for sling sales began to become more intense. Some export-oriented enterprises, due to lack of domestic sales experience, have fought a price war in order to survive, which has seriously affected the healthy development of the sling industry. China's sling industry has developed rapidly in recent years, but the technical standards are very imperfect. Domestic enterprises produce at will and even reduce the safety factor without authorization. Therefore, there is a big hidden danger in the safety of lifting in China. For example, there is no standard in China for the transportation strap. There are only promotion standards for lifting straps, and there are no mandatory standards. We must constantly improve the relevant technical standards and promulgate relevant mandatory regulations to ensure the safety of lifting and transportation in China. China's transportation department and logistics department have started relevant cooperation.With the development of the rigging industry, the introduction of corresponding standards is gradually improving, but it cannot be denied that the rigging has this problem in terms of safety.


China occupies a large proportion of the world, so it is the only way to develop its own industry, own its own patents, and innovation, and it is impossible to completely comply with foreign standards. The sling industry in China is developing rapidly, but the technical standards are very imperfect. Because the domestic enterprises produce at random, the rings even reduce the safety factor without authorization. Therefore, there is a big hidden danger in the safety of lifting in China. Although the relevant standards are gradually improving, they cannot Denies the current safety problems of rigging. People working in the lifting industry should know about slings. Slings mainly include metal slings and synthetic fiber slings. Metal slings mainly include wire rope slings, chain slings, sling slings, etc .; synthetic fiber slings mainly include ropes and belts. High-strength high-modulus polyethylene fiber So how do you understand the sling, sling and sling? As the name implies, hoisting means hoisting, cable means connection, and jig stands for tool, that is; hoisting is a tool connected together.