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How to reduce the impact of webbing noise on workers' production

Noise is a type of sound that causes Polyester Flat Webbing Sling people to be irritable or has too high a volume to endanger human health. From the perspective of environmental protection, all the sounds that affect people's normal study, work and rest, and the "unwanted sounds" of people in certain situations are collectively called noise. From a physical point of view, noise is the sound emitted when the body vibrates irregularly. Harm of workshop noise The most direct hazard of noise to the human body is hearing damage. When people enter a noisy environment, they will feel uncomfortable in both ears for a period of time, and they may even experience headaches. Studies have shown that noise pollution is an important cause of senile deafness. In addition, hearing impairment is also related to the living environment and occupations. For example, the incidence of senile deafness in rural areas is lower than that in cities, and ribbon factory workers, blacksmiths and blacksmiths have more hearing impairments than their peers. But the auditory organ is just an "entrance" through which noise invades the human body and affects the nervous system. As a result, the cranial side and blood pressure change, visual acuity is destroyed, attention is reduced, and energy consumption is increased under the same physical labor intensity. And make the speed of psychological reaction dull. For these reasons, people working in the ribbon workshop are prone to fatigue and suffer from headaches and insomnia.


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According to statistics, noise will reduce labor productivity by 10-50%, which shows that noise will distract people's attention, resulting in unresponsiveness, easy fatigue, decreased work efficiency, and increased error rate. 2. The influence of noise on the equipment Extremely strong noise will damage the equipment and even make the equipment invalid. The influence of noise on the equipment is related to the noise intensity, frequency, structure and installation method of the equipment and other factors. When the noise level exceeds 150dB, it will seriously damage the resistors, capacitors, transistors and other components. When extremely strong noise acts on the mechanical structure, due to the repeated action of the acoustic frequency alternating load, the material will cause fatigue and break. The influence of noise on the factory building  General noise has little effect on the factory building, but when the noise level exceeds  it will have a destructive effect on light buildings. From the perspective of physics, there is no principle difference between vibration and noise. People feel noise by hearing and vibration by touch, both of which are caused by solid, liquid and gaseous media. Caused by the volatility process. The excess pressure compared to the atmospheric pressure) that the vibrations alternate with each other in a very dense cycle forms a sound. The chaotic combination of sounds of different frequencies and intensities that occur as a result of the vibration of the medium  form noise.


In particular, vibration and noise must be accompanied by the operation of any mechanism and gap of the webbing machinery, and the mechanical vibration and acoustic vibration of mechanical parts are the cause of vibration and noise. Sources of noise in the webbing workshop In general, most webbing machines have a mechanism of periodic impact. When they are running, they are caused by inertial forces, frictional forces and working loads to cause vibration and low-frequency noise. When there is a gap at their joints, impact will cause high-frequency noise. The fan of the machine's aerodynamic system emits low-frequency aerodynamic noise while the nozzle of the aerodynamic system generates high-frequency aerodynamic noise. Such as the transmission system of various textile equipment, that is, the transmission of gears and chains; the spindles of twisting machines and fine spinning machines; the high-frequency noise emitted by the bearings and travellers of the spindle; the low-frequency and intermediate-frequency noise generated by the fan; the flower of the loom Noise caused by mechanical impact of chain mechanism and beat-up mechanism, etc. The significance of reducing the noise in the ribbon workshopReducing the noise in the ribbon workshop, in addition to reducing its direct harm, is of great social and economic significance. Create good working conditions for textile workshop staff, which is conducive to improving labor productivity and production efficiency. On the one hand, the increase in the number of products produced per unit of time shortens the consumption of working hours; on the other hand, it reduces the amount of time that workers cannot work, thereby increasing the total efficiency of working hours and reducing the cost of medical treatment. Measures to implement noise reduction in an all-round way .


People-oriented concept of noise reduction Noise reduction should be based on the principle of protecting human health. People-oriented is the purpose and standard of noise reduction. To protect people's health from the harmful effects of noise, the key to solving this problem lies in determining the maximum allowable value of noise based on science. That is, under the influence of noise every day for many years, it will not make people sick and hinder normal labor activities. Because in most cases, due to economic and technical limitations, it is impossible to reduce the noise to a very small sound level. Therefore, the standard for noise reduction should be people-oriented, with the goal of not damaging people's health or affecting normal labor activities, and establish a people-oriented concept of noise reduction. 2. The systematic principle of noise reduction Preventing noise and sound vibration is a complicated problem for ensuring normal sound conditions in the workshop. This requires the system to implement a set of comprehensive measures to be resolved. Arrangement provides this. At the beginning of the design of the plant, it should be laid out reasonably; reduce the vibration of the machinery and equipment at the sound source, and install sound absorption equipment in the workshop and use personal anti-noise supplies and other systematic projects to ensure .  Reasonable layout of the plant area  The correct layout of the workshop with noisy equipment in the plant area, especially the correct arrangement of the noisy sections in the workshop, can ensure that most people who have no direct relationship with the noisy equipment maintain their normal working conditions. When planning, there are noisy workshops should be concentrated in one or two places, and arranged in the downwind of the enterprise area boundary.